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Procon Wind Energy A/S

In October 2019, DK signed the service agreement with new client – ProCon Wind Energy A/S – on electrical design services and technical support for offshore wind power tower transition pieces design.. Besides, Mr Doan Quyet Thang (the manager of renewable energy department also  had site bservation at Smulder_Transition Piece (TP) manufacturer in Hoboken, Belgium together with Procon site manager and engineer.

Tra Vinh Wind Farm Early Work

In April 2019, DKE signed the Work Agreement with Vestas Wind Technology Vietnam LLC to perform and complete the Early Works for Tra Vinh Wind Farm including early works on Dyke Crossing and Underground MV collector system, for PMU/ Substation, 110kV Overhead Transmission Line, EVN substation Interconnecting Bay and Design of 11mkV transmission line.

New division: Renewable Energy

DK Renewable Energy – has been involved in renewable energy development for over 10 years in Vietnam, offering full EPC capabilities of solar PV rooftop, PV power plant, Wind Farm and Biomass projects:
• Consulting from Project Planning to Project Operation
• Pre-feasibility study/Feasibility Study
• LCOE calculation, Detailed Design, Bidding Document and Evaluation
• Project Management and Supervision